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  1. Is this a cracked version or disk? If disk you might want to ask the modder!
  2. Good work and hope this is a good start to many more. Only problem I have which is just me, but why would you want this? I mean being injured getting off bike, time to recovery. I liked just jumping off bike and being in a standing position. Now if he ran a bit, then a roll, and stood after jumping from bike that would be more of an interest to me. Otherwise this is a nice start.
  3. Try this How to make cars, and this SA Modding guide just in case.
  4. Is the shine affect part of this mod or is this another mod? Not a fan of the shine for SAN AN version. I do like the oppertunity to play a psp version game though, hope its good, and thanks.
  5. I had been planing on trying the the mod, but I haven't had game installed for some time. So when I get it reinstalled I'll be definately checking it out. What did you add or change to make it even more awesome?
  6. Just getting a chance to view the forums but I'm surprised that no1 has replied to this request. This would be an awesome mod.
  7. This is very ambitous endeavour. I hope your able to complete it and that it works as intended. I truly look forward to seeing the final product and good luck.
  8. If you did delete all files and folders and still can't reinstall then I'd have to ask, are you using a cracked version? If not, make sure after opening computer properties click "Disk cleanup", delete everything in there. Then go to your programs folder and make sure "Rockstar Games" folder is gone. Then restart your computer, should be able to reinstall no problem.
  9. I haven't been on in a LONG time, but I know that you can download a completed game. I found these mods and are pretty close to what you might be looking for. First is here at The GTAPlace San Andreas Opened Up and second is at GTAGarage San Andreas Opened Up. Hope that helps.
  10. Steam, your an ass, and a closet homo, I'm sure you get off on the idea of me fkn myself. wish I noticed you post sooner, or

    I would have insulted you sooner. :)

  11. busy with life,so FOP

  12. Downloaded, will chk it out.
  13. Restart fresh, then follow this advice/tip always. Tip: Before you begin installing any new mod, make a backup of that file. When you install any new item use a trainer to spawn (if spawnable) to view, use, store and save mod. Also if there are mods you can't access till later in the game, download a 100% save file to test all your new mods. This all takes time, but better to test now than having something crashing your pc and either suspecting newest item is cause or something you might not have even wanted many mod dwnlds ago causing the problem. Again, I stress, once you have a save file you intend to keep, keep a temp back up of your files. GL
  14. V3.0? Didn't know there was a 3.0 All I know is if you have a legitmate game disk you shouldn't have any problems clicking the install for the dwngrader. As far as a legitmated downloaded version, well I don't anything about it but would imagine it just work just fine as well. If you have Vista you should right click and select Run as Administrator.
  15. ..... Then drink another Coka Cola
  16. So 2 more peds uh, well does this mean someone has firgured out a way to ADD more cars? :/
  17. Wow, could it be that simiple of an issue as controls? I didn't consider that.
  18. Really needing something new, can't wait to see the final product. On a side note, RS could learn a lot if they just had there people watching these types of sites. The end result would be downloadable missions that keep with the flow of the game. I know that they kinda did that with GTAIV "The Chinatown Wars" or whatever it was called, but I wanted it to more linear with Nikko's story and beable to switch between the characters, have added more outfits that Nikko could buy, new cars, MOD SHOP!, custom make your stuff, errr. There I go again, ok I'm done so off topic.
  19. Well the PC version is already getting the mod treatment, as for personal knowledge I don't know - only heard of others that have. I have it on the PS3, and it looks graphicly bueatiful. The cars, peds, and enviroment all look smooth, the draw distance is good and lighting/textures is much improved over the last to installments. As Toon mentioned - its small. There very little to do, after the game is beaten, only a helicopter to fly. Let me stop cause I could get very upset. I'll just close with RSN let us all down, put a lot of makeup and a dress on a dude and called it a model (figuratively speeking). This might be more fun to mod than to reply so much, cause even the online is lame and will get get old fast. ALL IMO!!
  20. Sounds interesting, good luck and lets us know when it's finished!
  21. ooh snap. lol. You'ed have it by now if you did.
  22. When you encounter a site you can't read (other languages), use: Google Translater
  23. Never tried but can you install modds without the V1 patch (I think you can, but they wont work right)? If so this might be the issue, if not it's the modd, and yes you'll need to install you're backup's or reinstall the game.
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