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Paramedic Missions Guide

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Paramedic Missions Guide


To start off, you must not be on any other mission, and can start anywhere but only in an Ambulance, you can find them parked at all hospitals.

How it works:

You must pick up patients from various streets and drop them off at the hospital, and the amount of patients to save is according to the level, level 1 has 1, level 2 has 2, and so on. You can only carry 3 patients in an ambulance at a time, so the further you are in levels, the more trips to you will have to make, and unlike in previous GTA titles, the health of your ambulance no longer increases as you do more levels, so you must drive carefully, and always handle the vehicle well, because the ambulance can flip over at turns, and don't rush as you may damage the vehicle. A good idea is to pick up the patients nearest to the hospital to gain more time.


Every level will give you a random amount of time to complete it, every time you pick up a patient, more time is added, but you will lose time if you don't drive well, and you must not run them over, this will result in immediate failure, once you drop off a few patients more time is added for you to continue. There should be enough time to complete each level without having to rush, going fast to get the mission done quickly is effective, but be careful aswell.


In Vice City Stories, there is a new addition to the Vehicle side missions, every 5 levels that you complete saved as a checkpoint, so if for example, you fail at level 10, the next mission will continue from there, making it easier to complete the mission, this is a great new addition as it was often frustrating in previous gta's to reach Level 11 and then fail.

Law involvement:

Like in any other vehicle side mission, the Police getting involved is always a problem, especially since you can't respray the Ambulance, and police cars will cause damage if you don't outrun them quickly.


if you have done Paramedic missions in any of the games before Vice City Stories, they should be slightly easier for you to complete this time, since you now have the checkpoint for every 5 Levels complete. The mission is failed if you get wasted, busted, accidentally run over a patient, run out of time or get out of the Ambulance you are driving. You should not have as much trouble with the Paramedic Missions in this game as you may have had in all previous GTA's. I would say the difficulty is around 7/10 this time, since the Ambulance is no longer repaired as you do more levels.


The mission is passed once you complete Level 15, you are awarded Infinite Sprint ( Vic can run without getting tired).

Money earned for each level you complete.

You will be a step closer to 100% completion.

If there are any mistakes in this guide, or there is information I have missed, please let me know.

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WTF reported this? Unless it's for a good thing, then who ever did it, bug off.

Also add that the Ambulance can repair after every level if damaged a lot like in other GTAs and other driving missions (but I think everyone might know already).

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Three points:

I would say the difficulty is around 7/10 this time, since you can no longer fix the ambulance.
I'm not sure what the meaning behind the above sentence is. You never could fix the ambulance...
Also, you probably should include some mention of the fact that the mission is instantly failed if the player leaves the vehicle, just for the sake of completeness.
Finally, you should probably include some mention of the Air Ambulance's role in this mission (unless that's considered to be a seperate side mission, I'm not sure)

Great guide, though.

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Thanks for the hint, I added the part about getting out, and made a few other changes.

The Air Ambulance is used for a seperate side mission, you can only use the Ambulance.

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