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I didn't know where to but this, but if you are a fan of GTA, then you should buy the magazine I bought today, its a full mag of GTA History, plus it mentions everything like

Sam Houser was in GTA III (The guy that owned Ammunation)

Grand Theft wasn't going to be called Grand Theft Auto, it was gonna be called Race 'n' Chase

London 1969 was actually Manchester

And Vice City, San Andreas were just expansion packs for GTA III since all three cities were in GTA 1.

And much More

I have also scanned the front cover for you, and the magazine only costs £5. I bought it from WHSmith, and I couldn't find it anywhere else.


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Heres some info I read, it includes stuff about GTA IV aswell


DLC on XBOX Live Starting Autum 2008


So to sum it up its got everything you need to know about GTA IV and all of the other GTA's. I would scan more but its gettin late.

And its well worth the £5, plus its the most intresting ive seen in weeks.

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Heres what I have been reading this morning in this magazine.

  • While much is familiar, despite its total reworking (even mob-boss Salvatore Leone's cliff-top mansion returns, for instance)
  • Fittingly the bridge closures in Liberty that limit Niko's early movements are not due to hurricanes as in Vice City, or damage, as in GTA III, but because of terror threats.
  • Liberty is a fully realised reality featuring hopeless dual-fuel cars, corrupt politicians and a television output smothered by 'Americas Next Top Hooker' TV shows and imoral, sensationalist neo-conservative propaganda masquerading as news.
  • Tourist telescopes now work so you can see liberty city better from the top.
  • Yes. Rockstar is clearly hinting at new downloadable cities; and the chances of them being London, Vice or SA again are slim to none. Liberty City is the beginning. Think about that.

Who is Niko Bellic?

Unlike GTA previous anti-heroes, Niko is not just a some small time hood with a certain morla flexability. He's a bad man, one time people smuggler, killer and all round criminal with a smurky background.

Certainly he has had a military past - which explains his handiness with sniper rifles, rocket launchers and helicopters far better than, say, Tommy Vercetti's - but not in the most clean-cut ways. There are few links to his past life somewhere in Eastern Europe in Liberty City, so his history is murky yet the few people who do know him here mean that his future is going to get pretty badly stained too.

Pulled Towards the city by the (somewhat exaggerated) tales of riches of his cousin, Roman. Niko is also on the lookout for 'a certain someone' from his past that he well, were not going to ruin it for you., but lets just say its not to return the jam jar he borrowed some sugar in from that time he had to kill someone with sugar, but had to run out. No. As Niko you'll be working every angle - from calling in favours to hacking police computers, to good old fashioned intimidation, disfigurement and mayhem - in order to locate the object of Niko's damaged affections.

Two things really stand out about Niko Bellic the man.

One, if you were to create a word that meant 'to act like bellic,' it would comeout has 'bellicose' - a word which already exists. A word that means warlike. Coincidence?

Probably not.

Two, he's a bit older than those around him, more expirienced, more cunning. He uses this hard-won street smarts to run increasingly bloody rings around LC's gobby pretenders and faint-hearted blowhards. You can even see it in his walks - swaggers - through the city. Its part Robert De Niro in Mean Streets, part Al Pacino in Scarface... and all Rockstar, through and through.

About the City

Liberty City is more smaller than San Andreas, but far more concentrated, more focused. And its taller, much taller, than ever before Niko's ability to shimmy alond ledges, boost up drainpipes, clamber over fire escapes - or simply whir up skyscrapers on window washing platforms - combines with this new altitude to create some truly horrifying drops. This city is more dangerous than ever before, and in more ways than you think.

Right, I have done plenty of writing so you can read it, and once I find something intresting in CVG Magazine I will post it here.

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