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Property like the RC Shop.

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I'm sorry if this has been covered before but the searches I did turned up nothing. I was wondering if there were any other properties like the RC Shop that make money for you and where they are located. I have looked around but most of the property faqs I see only cover the houses and other properties you can buy that are considered safe houses. I'm sure they wouldn't just put in the one money making property but I can't seem to find any others. Thanks for any help on this.

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Los Santos

Roboi's Food Mart in Commerce.Courier missions.Reward-2000$


RS Haul in Flint-Range (near the exit from Los-Santos, near the beach).-Trucker missions.Reward-2000$

San Fierro

Vank Hoff's Hotel in Financial.Valet missions.Reward-2000$

Wang Cars in Doherty near your Garrage.Cost-???.Reward-8000$

Hippy Shopper in Hashburry.Courier Missions.Reward-2000$


Aircraft Graveyard in Verdant Meadows in the Desert near Area 69. Cost-80000$. Reward-???

Hunter Quarry near Las-Venturas.Missions. Reward-2000$

Las Venturas

Burger Shot in Redsands East-Courier missions. Reward:2000$

Reward-Money collect icon appears after you finish all missions.

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