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  1. Is this Jeff Hanneman from Slayer? Cause i never saw his face.
  2. If youre going to Argonath RPG, youll need an other tag, not [RM], cause there is the Russian Mafia that uses that tag.
  3. Can you please make me a gang banner (Not for my gang, in some server in SA:MP, i want to open my gang), any size you want. The text is "Sugiura", the color is black and the banner's background is a black Japanese dragon in red flames. Tnx ahead.
  4. What's the clothes you use for CJ? What shop's? What tattoo's? What haircut's? Mine is: Top - Binco - White T-Shirt Legs - Binco - Woodland Camo Shoes - Sub Urban - Black Hi Tops Chains - Victim - Golden Chain Hats - Victim - Black Cap (Tilt) Haircut - Blond Cornrow Tattoos: Upper Left Arm - R.I.P. Lower Left Arm - Gun Upper Back - AK 47 Lower Back - Angels Upper Right Arm - Skull This is all i remember.
  5. Russia. Big guns, big bombs, can start a WW3. A lot of big bombs. (I don't say that because i live in there, i say it because it is true, i hope, or not...)
  6. The Death is angry because they are not in his army! They are phony! Death killed them.
  7. I dont really like Slayer's cross, so i prefer this one, and i didnt knew what cross is this, i thaught its a regular cross.
  8. Slayer-Dead Skin Mask & Slayer-Bloodline
  9. I dont have AIDS... I hope, at least...
  10. Fuck! I want to hurl, drank to much Tequila... *vomiting*
  11. Good thing i watched that alien operation movie, it sure did had this part...did it?
  12. Order your penis today for only 99.99! No vagina included.
  13. Auchiwtz. No anaesteshia without surgery!
  14. Iron Maiden. They barely have good rock, if they have.
  15. ohhhh... Than good thing i dont know him...
  17. How hacks are possible in single player?? Maybe mods, but not hacks..
  18. I got an idea for a mod: The mod is activated only 3 times a game week. The mod is activated 6 game hours (6 real life minutes), from 00:00 until 06:00. It starts with a sirene like in the movie. All the streets become empty, and foggy. Black Romero cars appear and you can hear only the song "Dead Skin Mask" (i really think it fits awesome to this) Grey Children, Dead Nurses and Pyramid heads and more appear. When you enter a building, ANY building, you will enter a dark bathroom with alot of bugs and the janitor that is beeing punished an hanging corpses.
  19. Isnt that the Riot cheat? If it is, i deactivated it...
  20. MARCH TO THE KINGDOM OF THE DEAD! Bold Italic Underline Bold Italic Underline Normal Normal ??
  21. Holy fuck, that's awesome, tnx alot!
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