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    GTA, Heavy-Black-Death Metal, Silent Hill, The Dead, Fire, Cold...

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  1. Happy birthday dude and if you can read russian - C днем рождения

  2. Happy 21st! Btw, your signature owns!

  3. happy birthday dude ;)

  4. Is this Jeff Hanneman from Slayer? Cause i never saw his face.
  5. If youre going to Argonath RPG, youll need an other tag, not [RM], cause there is the Russian Mafia that uses that tag.
  6. Can you please make me a gang banner (Not for my gang, in some server in SA:MP, i want to open my gang), any size you want. The text is "Sugiura", the color is black and the banner's background is a black Japanese dragon in red flames. Tnx ahead.
  7. What's the clothes you use for CJ? What shop's? What tattoo's? What haircut's? Mine is: Top - Binco - White T-Shirt Legs - Binco - Woodland Camo Shoes - Sub Urban - Black Hi Tops Chains - Victim - Golden Chain Hats - Victim - Black Cap (Tilt) Haircut - Blond Cornrow Tattoos: Upper Left Arm - R.I.P. Lower Left Arm - Gun Upper Back - AK 47 Lower Back - Angels Upper Right Arm - Skull This is all i remember.
  8. Russia. Big guns, big bombs, can start a WW3. A lot of big bombs. (I don't say that because i live in there, i say it because it is true, i hope, or not...)
  9. yo dude...

  10. The Death is angry because they are not in his army! They are phony! Death killed them.
  11. I dont really like Slayer's cross, so i prefer this one, and i didnt knew what cross is this, i thaught its a regular cross.
  12. Slayer-Dead Skin Mask & Slayer-Bloodline
  13. I dont have AIDS... I hope, at least...
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