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Dan Houser on GTAIII

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The Grand Theft Auto 3 series of video games broke many boundaries and laid the foundations for a new kind of gaming experience.

In an interview on Variety magazine's blog, developer Rockstar's creative vice-president and co-founder Dan Houser stressed that the game's power lay in making you feel like "the star of your own movie or TV show".

He added: "But the problem with a lot of games at that time that were very popular was you didn't feel like you were controlling a character because you didn’t really have any power over them."

With GTA 3, the game dynamic was expanded so that you could do more than simply move a character along a line or down a corridor.

"We made a lot of that stuff up," he said. "Things like, 'Well we've got a city full of characters. Of course they're all going to speak.'

"Nobody had ever done that. At the time it seemed outrageous in that we had several thousand lines of dialogue and 60 speaking parts and the radio. That's stuff we made up. Now it's, 'Of course you do that'."

Just a random thing i found, it was dated 21.04.08, so only yesrterday....

I loved the last paragraph. Rockstar have moulded the gaming industry like no-one else could.

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Ma majic powarz.

Nah, i was looking at upcoming releases for pc, stumbled into the PS3 section, got engrossed reading a IV preview, then saw this little link in the corner... opened it up and it was posted not one day ago... weirdly coincidental.

Oh, and i found out that Devil May Cry 4 is coming for PC too.... W00ticles on toast.

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