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Loosely related -

I finally figured out how to throw a brick! When you're close to something you can pick up like bricks, hit the left bumper

(X360, same button to buy hot dogs), aim w/ the left trigger & throw w/ right trigger (or it might be the "B" button).

I've noticed hand-to-hand is awkward at best. Get the gun....

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The guns are fun and all but I'm finding fist fights to be very fun in this version. I still haven't managed to consistently pull off the dodge thing though. Occasionally it will happen but usually it just tossed up a block. But the punching and kicking are a lot more gratifying than before. I also like the way people will fall and get back up and stumble around or try to get away sometimes hunched over like they are hurting. It's pretty incredible how they react.

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