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  1. badgerov

    GTA IV vehicle mod round-up #2

    68 Stingray!! My dad had one of these until a couple of years ago. I wish he hadn't sold it, especially since I hadn't gotten to drive it yet.
  2. badgerov

    GTA IV vehicle modding begins

    haha, I actually went out and bought the PC version yesterday after reading this. Very good news! I can't wait to start installing these awesome mods once I get my game running stably. Thanks to all those who have been working on this. AJAX gives me nightmares, but they're very nice visually with less flickering
  3. badgerov

    gta iv same game and patch

    perhaps its because I don't know at all what I'm doing with live, but when signed into it, I have never had it try and download the patches for me. I had to go to rockstar's website and install them manually.
  4. badgerov

    Things i dislike about GTA4

    I cannot stand the camera in the PC version. I'd really like to be able to see where I'm headed without having to use the mouse. What I really dislike about the PC version is that I Cannot use my PS2 or PS3 controllers that I have plugged into my PC that work for every other game on the planet. Is the logitech dual action useable with it (supposedly works according to the patch release notes, but I'd like to know for sure before buying one), or am I going to have to break down and buy a 360 controller?
  5. badgerov

    Whats Your fave radio station..?

    1. Liberty Rock Radio 2. Liberty Rock Radio 3. Liberty Rock Radio 4. Liberty Rock Radio 5. Radio Broker.
  6. badgerov

    Only one infurnes..?

    Now that I recall, I remember seeing some high end vehicles earlier in the game, the Coquette for instance...that I haven't seen in quite a while, like since I opened the second island.
  7. badgerov

    The Snow Storm

    ^ ^ Thats exactly what I did....I always died if I tried to kill the cops.
  8. badgerov

    Game voice actors underpaid?

    If he were to get royalties, I'd say the programmers should get royalties as well, they put much more work into this than the voice actors did.
  9. badgerov

    Favorite Car?

    FIB Buffalo....because its basically my car . I need to work on obtaining one to drive though. Of the cars i've driven, I'd say that the Comet.
  10. badgerov

    Minor Details

    One small detail I found: Flipped off a highway and landed upside down on the corner of a building's roof, caved in the top of the car pretty bad, Niko's head was sticking through it.
  11. badgerov

    Liberty City Marathon Certificates

    All I have so far is the Bronze for public transport.
  12. badgerov

    What year is the Dodge Charger?

    I hear ya, the Charger is awesome, I own a 2007 Charger, but it comes nowhere near the 69, but thats just a pipe dream. As for the game, I doubt they modeled it after any specific year, just got it close enough to look like one.
  13. badgerov

    Blood Brothers

    Now that i've completed this mission.... I killed Francis. SOB had it comin.
  14. badgerov


    Well, I haven't downloaded any yet, but tops on my list are: Bob Seger - Her Strut Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way ELO - Evil Woman
  15. badgerov

    Blood Brothers

    son of a bitch. I didn't know what the hell the thread was about, how the hell should I have known not to read it?