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tramps given money to.help

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Does anyone know whats up with that . I n the stats menu, under misc theres a stat that reads: tramps given money to, I need help, because i don't know how to do it, I think it has to do with calling call girls over to your safe house. If anyone has the number for the call girls or knows how to up this stat tell me please, thanks.

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Tramp = Homeless Person = Hobo (Slang)

That means how many hobos you've given money to.

It has nothing to do with calling girls to your safe house.

BTW, Welcome to the forums.

EDIT: Wikipedia says:

In colloquial American English, the word "tramp" can also mean a sexually promiscuous female or even prostitute.

I thinking R* disguised that stat as though you can give money to hobos (for some reason), when really it's about how many prostitutes you've had sex with (in your car).

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Yes a homless person is known to many some as a "Tramp" which one of the meanings is..."to traverse on foot: to tramp the streets." Meaning they live and move on the streets without a real home, kinda like a nomad. A tramp that refers to a woman would mean they have "been around" if you know what I mean. (sexually derf)

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