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  1. I wonder if it was always viral...but it just recently started to spread around everyone...kinda like 28 days later...when the zombies are only a few at first when no one notices, then it comes in a huge burst cause more and more people are transferring it as time goes on.
  2. Me and my friends in party mode would usually just jack a bus and a motorcycle. We would go to the airport runway and go to each opposite end then drive straight into each other and full speed down the runway to see how far we could launch the guy off the bike.
  3. I just got this achievement but I don't think I got it from a Rockstar developer. Is this achievement 100% not viral? The person I killed didn't even seem like a developer...and the person didn't even talk during the match at all. I was just in a random ranked team deathmatch game with my friends and the achievement randomly popped up. The people I think were on the yellow team, but they quit shortly after they started getting their but whooped by everyone . I looked at everyone's gamertag and they didn't even have anything that would make them seem like developers...nor anyone else in the party. I did notice they had the "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" achievement though so I was just asking if it is viral or not...
  4. I was doing one of Steve's car transport side missions one day. After I parked the car in Bohan inside the garage, I noticed a girl wearing some skanky outfit outside the garage...so I got honked the horn and she came over. She got in and we went to an alleyway...where I chose the third "option" .
  5. Or wait until the END OF TIME!! Just kidding, but seriously noone knows as of now. It seems there are alot of people who are pissed that GTA 4 hasn't been announced for PC yet...
  6. Shouldn't this be in the "Achievement Help" section . Anyways, the bridges are all easy except for this one tiny bridge in the industrial park...that took me forever to get under! It is nice to have Brucie's chopper as transport, but hailing/calling for a cab is alot easier to get to places because you have to drive to a location that Brucie is parked at in order to use his chopper.
  7. No way...it is too impossible to get out of a six star wanted level. The circumfrence is literaly almost three times the size of Bohan...
  8. I didn't remember him being from GTA 3! I guess I probably forgot since that was over 7 years ago...I guess I'm going to have to listen to that shit again when I get the chance.
  9. Your name is Lazlo!? You make fun of me and your name is Lazlo! That's a clown name...that is a stupid clown. -You know what we used for water? -I don't know...urine? What? -Tears... -(laughs) Tears! -Yes...the tears of my family -So you would milk your grandma, like she is some kind of tear cow! Hilarious.
  10. Whenever I get into the car in any GTA game...I always tune into the chat station. They are hilarious, inovative, and an inside look at the twisted sense of humor from our friends at Rockstar. This time instead of making a new host with new guests, they brought back on old favorite...Lazlo from Vice City! There are many hilarious and new comedy since he is doing live radio on the streets this time. I just wish it was available for online as well so I could laugh while killing people . What were your favorite moments from the Integrity station?
  11. Stop bringing back dead topics...it is getting annoying. Maybe when the patch comes out, we could get some fixes...or we can wait for GTA 5
  12. I'm on the EST timezone. I wasn't on alot this weekend because I was very busy, or I am trying to finish off all the single player achievements. I am going to be on the majority of the time in the upcoming weeks so Ishouldn't have any problems.
  13. You have to wait a long long time before he calls you again. Just give it some more time...
  14. Yeah, I found this out several days ago. I posted it in another thread just so I didn't have to make another one saying that she was calling me as well. It is under the highlighted text near the bottom of the page in a post I made. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...=17705&st=0
  15. I have no idea what this thread is asking of me...
  16. The way I got the achievement was like this... When you obtain the loft after , You can just sit up on the roof of the loft and shoot at the cops from the roof. When you get 3 stars, many cops will start to come up through the stairway from the building right across from the loft. Since your distance is quite a bit from that building, the cops cannot make it over so you can just sit behind cover and open fire on them to quickly get four stars. When the choppers come, just get under the roof of the loft and wait for the choppers to halt, and open fire on them with a rocket launcher. You can easily get 6 stars this way and no cops can ever get to you because the only way to get to the loft is by elavator...which cops cannot use since there is a loading screen in between the top floor and bottom floor.
  17. Well I really didn't like the huge open lands like in VC or SA so because it gets very boring having to drive hundreds of miles to get from one similar boring landscape to the other. An amazing ability GTA 4 could have that get make it sell so much more would be the ability to customize your own missions with a sort of sandbox editor with A.I. like in TimeSplitters. Possibilites could be endlessly fun if people always had new missions to play. Nothing special like with cutscenes and shit, but with a message saying what to do and when after the gametype starts. Edit: More customizable features for your online character would be nice too. (IE...clothes, faces, hair, weight...)
  18. There was actualy one point where I shut my xbox off too. It was the Dwayne mission where you have to choose to kill his girlfriend or not before going after the guy on the bike. I acidently killed her and I restarded my game because I didn't want to depress Dwayne more than he already was.
  19. Random people are basically side missions you accidently stumble upon while during gameplay. There are many of them and not all of them are available at first. It is best to do this achievement after beating the game because all the random characters will be unlocked. A map with the locations of all random characters below...... http://www.achieve360points.com/forums/sho...ead.php?t=80585 Just scroll down to the map of the "no more strangers" achievement.
  20. Yeah so many people are having this problem. It isn't just you so you don't have to worry too much. It starting to die down alot but it was because there was a massive ammount of people online the first week and it overloaded many of the servers for both systems.
  21. Yeah that is good to hear, but you have to take into account that Halo 3 was only available for one system and GTA 4 was on two. Since the record sales were exactly double what Halo 3 was that could mean if Halo 3 was released for both systems it would have sold almost the same amount as GTA 4. I'm not a Halo 3 fanboy at all, I'm just getting this through cause everyone is so excited that it destroyed Halo 3 sales wise. It was actualy a genius idea to put the game out on both systems...look how much money they made!
  22. Yay! A USA for the xbox! I'll sign up...GT: XxGreatScythexX
  23. To MrSniper: What was the name of the mission that you last played on? Because there is a mission near the end that makes you wait for days for another mission to start. If you really did complete the game, then your achievement must have glitched...It is sad yes. I have seen this happen to some people before too so I hope it is not the same in your case as well.
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