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i think they should add more usage of the vehicles in gta4 and all that proceed it.

examples being:

1. use of trunk in some way.(item storage, hide bodies to dump in a river, etc.)

2. a speedometer, rpm gauge, temperature gauge to see if car is getting close to catching fire, etc.

3. (one ive always wanted) gasoline/gas gauge. to make use of various gas stations around the city.

flooring it drains more gas, different vehicles have better mileage, stolen cars start with random

amount of gas in tank, etc.

4. chop shop/the ability to customize any vehicle/bike. for more detail, possibly being able to mod

vehicle doors to open vertically instead of standard horizontal. off road tires, lift kits that aren't

hydraulics, bullet proof windows/tires, etc.

just little things like that would add loads of realism, if that is indeed what R* is looking for.

not to mention a better variety of vehicles.

-more planes/choppers

-some quadbikes/4 wheelers

-bicycles/skateboards/in-line skates




this is my first post, so i may not see any replies right away.

i have posted this on several different topics.

thx for the attention. O.o

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Something i would personally love to see in the DLC..

Be able to customise veichles that you find around Liberty City, and store them in a Warehouse of some sort.

Think of the Saint's Row Veichle Customisation. I absolutley love it.

Maybe even to take bits off a few cars here and there and add them to another :thumbsup:

And to finish off. Imagine being able to sell the cars online and be able to choose one from your online garage to race in or use in a free mode ;)

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i would love it if this game had an army base of some sort, better vehicles, be able to fly the private jets and planes on it.

i would also like the following:

-cheats out of the old ones (fly cars, peds riot ect)

-the cars out of the old gta's to be introduced into gta iv but with better graphics

-the damage to be alot worse, like if you crash into another at full speed it wouldn't be able to drive ect.


-be able to use cheats on free mode

Thanks :thumbsup:

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-Id like to be able to have some music packs. Like maybe get to choose up to 5 songs and make your own stations.

-Maybe Make Some Custom Cars and You Can Design it yourself.

-It Would Be Nice To Have Some Side Missions. (Ones from Previous GTA's and Maybe Some New Ones Like Hitman Missions)

-Be Able To Call Other GTA Characters (Like if your bored call Toni Cipriani) or call other characters for Missions (Like Call Cesar in Los Santos to go kill someone out in Liberty City)

-Be Able To Shoot In Windows and If You Have A Gun That Can Zoom In You Can Try and Shoot The People inside buildings.

-Be Able To Spray Your Own Graffiti Around The City (on any wall)

And Lastly... PARACHUTES :D

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