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Our original GTA4 wishlist ran for over three years and amassed thousands of replies and topic views. Now that GTA4 is out and most of you have played a fair bit of it, I think it's time we had somewhere to put down our wishes for what R* could include in the two DLC packs for Xbox 360.

This is NOT for discussion of DLC, as far as we know it'll only be coming to 360, so if you're a PS3 player you'll just have to put up with that until there's some sort of official announcement. This thread is for wishes only. Obviously don't make them too farfetched, there's a limit to what can be included.

A few of my wishes:

A few more weapons - I don't mean to have shitloads like SA, but a flamethrower would be nice, the fire is already in place (shoot a gas cannister on the back of a forklift truck - makeshift flamethrower anyone!?)

Some new vehicles - brand new ones not seen before in the GTA universe

New map area - I don't think they'd include a huge area of land, but an extra little island (Staten Island maybe) might be nice.

Glitch fixes - A few of the annoying ones - disappearing roads, jumping into a moving car makes Niko act drunk, picking a bike up off the road has a ridiculous animation which causes the bike to jump back upright... etc... ones like that

Apparently new missions and characters are due to be included (mentioned by Lazlow)... not sure how these will fit in the main storyline. I hope these won't just be little side missions, but I guess they could be.

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I hope it's possible that Niko can fly to San Andreas, maybe Los Santos but you can't explore the whole Los Santos, only a part of it where a mission would be. I really hope there is more than just a couple of missions. And some new vehicles would be cool.

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Well I really didn't like the huge open lands like in VC or SA so because it gets very boring having to drive hundreds of miles to get from one similar boring landscape to the other. An amazing ability GTA 4 could have that get make it sell so much more would be the ability to customize your own missions with a sort of sandbox editor with A.I. like in TimeSplitters. Possibilites could be endlessly fun if people always had new missions to play. Nothing special like with cutscenes and shit, but with a message saying what to do and when after the gametype starts.

Edit: More customizable features for your online character would be nice too. (IE...clothes, faces, hair, weight...)

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Glitch fixes should be in a free patch, they're fixing a defect. Charging to fix them would be pretty lame, I wouldn't expect

that from R*.

A race editor, host your own custom tracks in the on-line races.

I miss the flame thrower.

A chopshop.

Bring back Ambulance/Firetruck/Police/Taxi missions.

Add repo side missions. Complete initial 10 repos similar to GTA4 exports & tow trucks show in convenient spots.

A buyable warehouse to store your personal car collection.

More missions.

Map additions.

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Warehouses seem like an awesome idea Urban. That would add on to the safehouses since there's so little.

New weapons definitely, what's the point of a melee deathmatch if you can't chainsaw people to death?

A couple of more missions, some characters were abandoned and never really met like Petrovic sounds like a huge boss but you never meet him and what happened to Bulgarin?

Another section of the map like everyone said.

Parachutes for those crazy base jumpers.

Oh and for weapons, they most likely would have to be included in online play but wouldn't that leave a lot of people without the new weapons (who didn't but DLC)?

Can't think of anything else, I'll post later.

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is it possible for the DLC to bring more cheats to the game? just for fun when i finished the story

new cities/island (i don't wish for a specific island because any island would be just fine), barbershop, get fat if we eat too much, workout, tanks for fun(hopefully with a realistic physics too so another car wouldn't just blow up if we hit it), new cars

that's what i can think of right now -_-

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^in that case i have loads of wishlist for cheats :lol:

i hope they bring some of these cheats in DLC:

-no tires could popped up

-stupid police (including their weapon accuracy)

-no flying through the windscreen (seatbelt cheat)

-no wanted level

-tank cheat (if they bring tanks on DLC)

-flying cars (i like it since it was made!!)

-our cars can't blow up

-money cheat (kinda pointless in this game, but if they bring more purpose for the money by DLC then show me the money!!!!!)

-transform into other people cheat (so we wouldn't be bored of Niko)

-the state of emergency/riot cheat (i mean for other peds attacking each other like in SA)

-1 bullet 1 kill, if we shot anybody or anything (people, cars, helis, boats) they will instantly die including us!

-speedometer (for cars)

-fat Niko (if they didn't bring the use of food, at least let us cheat)

-invincible from falling off buildings and bikes (for stunting, realisticism doesn't let us do cool stunts)

-resisting arrest without more wanted level

-6 star wanted level instantly

-adrenaline cheat (like max payne where everybody move so slow!!)

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A car dealership where you can buy any car, especially an Inferneus, and any other vehicle too, like boats, helis, choppers...

Able to save the pics you take with Niko's camera

Be able to get on a plane and fly to Liberty City (LCS), Vice City, SA...

A PMG type place where you can bring in your cars and customize them (wheel size, weight ratios, colors... all the stuff in the PMG for the CheatDevice)

Heli with rockets (like the Hunter)

Access to more buildings, like, able to go in them and actually do something, like a coffee shop, and be able to buy coffee...(just an example)

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