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Some on please help!


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I just sighned up for PSN three days ago, and I got a connection to my PS3 wireless. Now today when I tried to play GTA IV it froze before I played the game and then it started. Then it went to the liscense screen then it said the latest update version is 1.01 . You must install not press 'X' to continue press 'O' To cancelle. The first time I continue. Then it loads up for 30 freakin minutes. Then it said an error accourd ( PD89327DS ). So the second time i pressed cancelle. Then it will load up , and then show artwork of GTA IV loading screen while soviet connection is playing. Then it says an error occored. I press cancelle then two pics more an error accourd. Then it said " Fail to load going to main menu". So then I cut the PS3 off and started again and unpluged my Ethernet cable and tried again this time worse it did the same things again! So then I cut the PS3 all the way off then I tried to reset it when it starts it plays it PS3 tune then it says " Your PS3 disc drive is corrupted please re-install." I re - install and it restarted it self. Then it played the PS3 tune again. Then it said " Your PS3 disc drive is corrupted please re-install." I got so pissed after that then ending up throwing it across the room.

Want me to elaborate more?? Here look

Great, I dont even know how to upload pictures from a Fuji Flim camera can some one please help me before I break something else??

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