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Easy Owning People Guide


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Create your own server by going on Games --> Custom match --> Team Deathmatch --> Private Player Slots = 1.

Set up the game like this:

Map: Happiness Island

Game duration: your choice...

Allow Auto Aim: yes

Police: best OFF

Time of day: best at midnight

Weather: clear

Traffic: parked

Blips: Team (other team cannot see you on the map)

Weapons: standard

Now wait for minimum 2 people to be in each team including you. This works best with more people though so you may wait for more people. Start the game. Now, as soon as you appear your goal is to get into the statue of Happiness. On your way inside you might pick up health if needed. Now go up the stairs, check if anybody is around and if not, crouch down in the middle of both stair cases. Sit there and wait... Your team-mates may position themselves to snipe or to guard the enterence into the statue but you should make sure nobody from your team goes down stairs. Now fire a few shots to kinda give the other teams a clue of where your at because they cannot see you on the map. After a few minutes people should start attacking the statue. As soon as you see somebody running up lock on them and shoot them while they do now see you. This is also an easy way of getting headshots because as your shooting from a higher point its easier to hit the head. You may also want to collect an AK 47 or an M16 before hand because it may be more usfull than a Deagle. Soon the other team will know exactly where you are and keep attacking you but you can just keep on giving them headshots as they attempt to go up the stairs. Its as simple as that. Also they have no clue where your at because the map does not display your position. Kinda cheap but easy... Try it out yourself.

Easy money:

Go onto Bomb da Base II and set it on hard. Its best to play with only two people so you can get more kills. Kill as many people as possible and recieve a minimum of 5000$. The most i ever earned was about 9200$ in one round. This mode makes it very easy to rank up.

Good luck and i hope this helps you.

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Hangman's NOOSE on Hard is easy as shit. Nice money too. 4500$ minimum.

Deal Breaker will get you more money but might take a little bit longer, you get $100 for every kill and at the end you get $4500. Most I've gotten is 8900 and it's much quicker and probaly easier than Bomb Da Base II.

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Hey. i just did multiplayer team dm and completely owned on my own. it was 3 against 3, then the two on my team left, so it was 1 on 3. AND I KICKED THEIR ASSES!

It was in bohan. I had two strategys: 1. sit in the corner of that open concrete square next to the water and the construction site. easy pickings when they come for you. 2. get up onto the train tracks over the island. best spot ever!

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with this settings i got 41.000 on one single deathmatch !! i'm on the top 15 place on deathmatch not '''overall'' but ''BY SCORE''.

I take:

Happiness Island

60 MIns


assault Rifles

Blips all

weather midday clear

Respawn time 1 sec

Respawn distance NEAR

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