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Australian and wondering how multiplayer works in GTA IV


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Hey guys im new here in these forums, unlike other forums I couldn't see an introduction area, so I just decided I would start posting. Anyway Im wondering how Multiplayer in GTA IV works? Im not new to GTA series but only got GTA 4 two weeks ago and I have almost finished the game. Anyway is there 2-player multiplayer? how do I play a deathmatch with people over the net? Do I need to join a party or something? sorry if this post sounds really dumb, didnt know which would be the best way to type it.

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Which console do you have the game for? You open up your cell, and choose multiplayer. There'll be different kinds of stuff, if you just want to join a match, select Quick Match and choose the game mode you wish to play in. Or, if you want to create your own server, go to Custom Match and change the number of private slots to one. Then, just choose your settings and wait for people to join your server.

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