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R* Will Release A New Patch for GTA IV (PS3)

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**I think this goes best in this thread regarding patches, so....

Now I know that PS3 users have updated their PS3 yesterday to version 2.4 (I have too), and you were all expecting for your custom soundtracks to be played in GTA IV. Turns out it didn't, right? :( Yesterday I emailed Rockstar concerning this and here's what I got back today:


(See where I underlined)

Good news. Rockstar Games will be making a patch for the PS3 version of GTA IV so that your own music can be played in-game with respect to yesterday's update. I don't know when it'll be released but it'll get some hopes up. :)

One love,


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X360 has a built in track player, I've used it in other games.

You have to load the tracks to your (X360) HD & play them from there through your "dashboard", I think L-RiC could give

you a more detailed answer.

I'm guessing the PS3 patch will give you a user track player similar to GTASA?

Yeah before you start GTA go to the dashboard and start a playlist then start the game it shouuld play whil its loading and continue to play the music while youre playing. The if you want to skip a song or change it just hit the xbox button on the controller and you have the controls i believe. I havent done it on GTA yet I always listen to music playing Dead Rising so I think it would be the same


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