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Request: A COMPLETE tutorial on creating a gta:sa car mod


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Im sure im one of a vast many here, and i am strongly wishing that a single one af all the great modders on this site could take some time out, and write a complete tut for creating a car mod going from step 1: to choose your car all the way to the last step of importing your model. i have furiously searched many sites and all i can find out is how to create a car model, and do some basic texturing. if anyone is willing, i am asking them to write a complete tut explaining everything onwards and including: how to make doors - how to use dummy's - how to create wheels. the WHOLE deal.

pleassssssssssssssssssssssssse if anyone would do this, im sure you would be treated as a god :worship: by all us who want to learn to model and create car mods for gta:sa

Regards, 5par7an :thumbsup:

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