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GTA San Andreas mysteries & myths !


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I've studied San Andreas mythology for 10 years.

It's only been out for 5 years, what were you studying for the 5 years before it was released?

Have you ever heard of a word, a little bit old, called, i don't know, a joke :hurrhurr: .And BTW San Andreas is featured in GTA 1 as a state.

No, but I heard someone on here saying something that didn't resemble a joke in the slightest.

Remember we're talking about the game GTA San Andreas here which has a state called San Andreas, not GTA 1, which has 3 cities, one of them called San Andreas, which doesn't even look anything like the state called San Andreas.

I agree.

He didn't say anything that might reference what he said as a joke...

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Ok I will put the mysteries list here:


2.Ghost car


4.Mass grave

5.Loch ness monster

6.Ghost town figure


8.Ghost vortex

9.Suicidal photographers

10.Shady Creek creature

11.Weird horn

12.Serial killer (trenchcoat guy)

13.Blue hell

14.The Cult farm

15.Epsilon cultists

16.Glowing grave

17.Scott Wilson's grave

18.Ghost grafitti

19.Mount Chiliad ghost car

20.Mt. Chiliad horror voices?

21.SPAZ guy

22.The cane

23.UFO map




27.Cris Formage

28.The Truth

29.CJ's Moms ghost

30.The ring girl

31.Vice City maps

32.Open grave

33.TV on grave

34.Cobra MARITAL arts

35.Bio waste well

36.Fort Carson tunnel

37.Phone booth?

38.Not welcome mat

If you have pics please post them.

If you know more mysteries/myths please post them. ;)

you forgot the atlantis is north of red county
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2.Ghost car-FALSE

3.Jaws-FALSE (there is a shark in san andreas but dosent kill people)

4.Mass grave-TRUE

5.Loch ness monster-FALSE

6.Ghost town figure-??? FALSE

7.Mothman-45%TRUE 55%FALSE

8.Ghost vortex-95%TRUE 5%FALSE

9.Suicidal photographers-TRUE

10.Shady Creek creature-FALSE

11.Weird horn-TRUE (go under gant bridge on san fierro during foggy weather and u will hear the horn)

12.Serial killer (trenchcoat guy)-TRUE (but doesnt kill people)

13.Blue hell-TRUE (just go to LS gym and kill everyone there and use jetpack cheat and fly up)

14.The Cult farm-TRUE (but there are no cultists in the farm just a weird blue light)

15.Epsilon cultists-TRUE (u can find them mostly near the airport highway)

16.Glowing grave-TRUE

17.Scott Wilson's grave-TRUE :lol:(go to the shady creek graveyard and u can see his name written in a grave)

18.Ghost grafitti-TRUE (only in LS graveyard)

19.Mount Chiliad ghost car-TRUE (its only misplaced peds driving on the east mount chillad)

20.Mt. Chiliad horror voices?-TRUE (if you modded your sounds in gta then its true if u didnt then its FALSE)

21.SPAZ guy-FALSE (no ped in the game holds a SPAZ only in special missions)

22.The cane-TRUE (its a weapon xD)

23.UFO map-TRUE (the map in lil probe inn is the locations where u can see lights in the sky moving and blinking but no ufo's)

24.Bigfoot?-FAKE (theres no bigfoot in the game but R* said there is a 2 legged creature in the woods)

25.Leatherface?-50%TRUE 50%FAKE (leatherface can be real if u stay too long in the panoptition without any homies with you


27.Cris Formage-TRUE (but never seen him)

28.The Truth-are you kidding me?!?!?!

29.CJ's Moms ghost-TRUE

30.The ring girl-FALSE (its only a misplaced ped)

31.Vice City maps-TRUE (beside cluckin bell in angel pine)

32.Open grave-TRUE (maybe thats leatherface's body and someone opened it)

33.TV on grave-TRUE

34.Cobra MARITAL arts-theres nothing to do with that

35.Bio waste well-TRUE (beside the sprunk factory in montogemetry)

36.Fort Carson tunnel-TRUE (but there are no clowns or anything there)

37.Phone booth?-FALSE (there are phone booths in san andreas but whats wrong with it?

38.Not welcome mat-TRUE (in smokes crack palace)

something i found in the game :

House Hell

Clowns Pocket Casino roof lights

myths unconfirmed :

Marvin Trill (he said he is in an underground bunker in the desert)

Zombies (the zombotech building in san fierro)

.....still finding more myths

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Hey guys.. i noticed something weird.. I hope i am not late.. when i was around the san fierro airport.. i saw a black winged like structure.. it was like a human kinda

it looked like flew.. after sometime i flew towards it with my jet pack.. that thing flew.

and flew really very fast towards the desert.. after some days i saw on youtube a video about a thing called MOTHMAN guess that was the thing..

Somedays later i saw something in the woods.. it was like running.. i cant describe that..


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