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Possible Bugs

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Hey guys.

Is it me, or my computer, because I get little black pips and blank emoticons, in the "Show All" window.

The pips of blank (small squares), and the pips are too. Some emoticons are links to insert them, etc.

Is this a bug, or my PC?

I had my computer in Hibernation mode last night. I don't see how that would have caused it. :blink:

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A couple of things have been popping up after recent changes to the profile, adding a PC GTAIV gallery, etc, as well as the medal system. One of the top poster commands had a glitch yesterday, and was easily fixed, so it's nothing really detrimental to he forums itself.

I'm sure once he's back from Reading, he'll gladly fix any problems that might be there. In the meantime, add in any bugs you think might be present.

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