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Grand Theft Auto IV Gang Guide.


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GTA IV Gang Guide ( These are not street gangs like they use to be in the previouse GTA 's.)

The Pavano Crime Family

Leader:Maria "Mary" Valvona

Weapons: AK-47 , Pump Shot Gun , MP5

Vehicles: Shafter

Territory: Alderney

The Commision

Leader: Not mentioned in the game.

Weapons: MP5

Vehicles: PMP-600s and Sentinels

Territory: Little Italy

The Gambetti

Leader:Jon Gravelli

Weapons: MP5 , Pump Shot Gun.

Vehicles: n/a

Territory: Broker

The Pegorino Family

Leader: Jimmy Pegorino

Weapons ( as seen in missions ): Pistol , AK-47.

Vehicles: Shafter , Cognoscenti , Washington.

Territory: Alderney

Messina Crime Family

Leader:Harvey Noto

Weapons: n/a

Vehicles: n/a

Territory: Alderney

Lupisella Crime Family

Leader:Vincent Lupisella

Weapons: MP5.

Vehicles: Sentiniel.

Territory: Bohan

The Ancelotti's

Leader:Giovanni Ancelotti

Weapons: Tec 9 , Pistol.

Vehicles: Cognoscenti

Territory: Alderney

M.O.B " Money Over B****'s"

Leader: Not mentioned in game

Weapons: Tec 9 and Pistols.

Vehicles (from Brucie Missions): Orcel , PMP-600.

Parody of the bloods in Los Angeles

Territory: Fire Fly Projects

The North Holland Hustlers

Leader:Dwayne Forge

Weapons: ?

Vehicles: Patriots

Territory: North Holland , Algonquin

East Holland Drug Crew

Leader: Clearance Little " Please don't kill me boss. "

Vehicles: n/a

Territory: East Holland

Weapons (from Francis McReary's Mission: MP5 , Combat Shotgun , Pistol.

The Triads / The Koreans

Leader: Kim from the mission " Babysitting "

Weapons: MP5 , Shotgun , Combat Pistol.

Vehicles (from Phil Bell's Truck Hustle): Bob Cat , Speedo , Yankee ? .

Territory: n/a

The Russian Mob

Leader(s): Vlad Glebov , Mikhial Faustin , Dimitri Rascalov , Rodislav Bulgarin , Kenny Petrovic , Oleg.

Weapons: Tec 9 , Pistols , AK-47 , Pump Shot Gun , Combat Pistol

Vehicles: Sentinels, Schafters, Rebla's , and Turismo.

Territory: Broker , and Alderney.

The Albanians

Leader: Not mentioned in the game.

Weapons: MP5, Pistols.

Territory: Broker , Alderney , and Bohan.

Vehicles: Willard , Orcel ?

The Torrez Cartel

Leader: Elizebeta Torres

Weapons (from missions): Pistol , Tec - 9

Vehicles: n/a

Territory: Bohan

Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers

Leader(s): Willy Valerio and Teddy Benavidez

Vehicles: n/a

Weapons: Tec 9 , Pistol , Combat Shotgun.

Territory: n/a

The Spanish Lords

Leaders: Not mentioned.

Members: Manny Escuella and Lyle Rivas.

Weapons: ?

Vehicles: Cavalcade , Chavos ?

Territory: South Bohan

Hillside Posse

Leader: Reel Badman

Weapons: ?

Vehicles: Washington , Rusty Cars , or other.

Territory: Roderdam Hill's " Home Brew Cafe "

The McReary Family

Leader(s): Derrick McReary , Gerald McReary

Weapons: AK-47 , Pump Shot-Gun , Pistol.

Vehicles: N/A

Territory: Stienway

Angels of Death Biker Gang

Leaders: Not mentioned in game.

Weapons: N/A

Vehicles: Freeway

Territory:BOABO , Burger Shot in Beechwood City.

The Lost Biker Gang

Leader:Johnny Klebitz ?

Weapons: Tec 9.

Vehicles: Freeway , Zombie.

Territory: N/A

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