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[SA][DISCOVERY?]Tank Spinning


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I think I discovered something new, freaky and weird. Spinning with the tank is already known, yes. But spinning while literally stationary or from hitting something slightly after spinning is something I've never seen before. This is kinda like a delayed reaction.

The video explains it all. Hopefully someone more 'SA Physic' minded can figure out how the hell shooting while spinning can cause a delayed freakout. This is why I'll direct this at you stunters :) You're the ones who discovered random things like getting NRG's stuck in the floor to bumb on... I'll leave it to you to experiment.

This is NOT meant to be a 'Cool Stunting Video'. I'm just sharing something freaky I found while shooting screens for my GTASA Series. Production is my thing, stunting is not...

It may say "Removed due to copyright" but it'll be back in a few minutes/hours(max)... They've somehow suddenly started claiming copyright on all my videos even when there are music video uploaded by other guys that they ignore... They never used to care about the music in my vids :/ My old ones are still up too...

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Well, that's the effect of the Flying Cars cheat with crashing. Why is this in Stunting?

I didnt use the flying car cheat. And I thought it'd suit this place best. A Stunt is a daring trick or performance and flipping in a tank is daring :P Although if this needs to be moved then I dont mind. Just think it suits this place best.

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