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Having trouble getting 100%


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I know what your all thinking, but I'm sure I've done EVERYTHING.

I've gotten all the offline achievements except 'Roll Over', 'Finish Him' and 'Key to the City'. I've won a game of Darts, Bowling, taken every friend on every date twice, got 100% friendship with my girlfriend, (even though that's not on any list I've seen) and even met the special characters that don't count towards 100%.

One thing I don't have is the special ability of Dwayne, cos I ignored my friends while doing the stunt jumps and flying rats and out friendship plummeted. I'm so sure that this doesn't count, but I'm trying to fix it anyway.

Is there something else? Something the lists missed by any chance? Something that's not quite on the list, but it's taken for granted that I've missed.

This is driving me insane, please help.

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I'm having trouble with this too. I have all achievements except Liberty City Minute/ Key To The City/ Join The Midnight Club/ Top of the Midnight Club/ Wanted/ and Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic. I have done all activities with Packie, Brucie, and Little Jacob TWICE!! Won all games of bowling, pool, and darts. I'm at 99.5%. I've done checklist after checklist and still I don't get anywhere. WHAT AM I MISSING!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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