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  1. Before they make a new gta city, i would love for them to remake vice and SAN ANDREAS with this game engine... that would be great
  2. ill be skipping the reviews, i want to be suprised when i play the game. cant wait for it!!!
  3. hey just wondering you know when u win a race it says /12 races, and so on. well i won 5 and when i won the 6th race nothing came up, just johnny screaming woohoooo, isnt it suppose to say 6/12 races completed or somethin??? thanks
  4. That's bullshit man. I've got 98.33% and I cant figure out what the last bit is, but that's at least 1.67%; I've no idea what 0.5% would be. Are you sure you've got all the flying rats and stunt jumps? They count for a small amount each. Does that count? Cos its not on the 100% list. i have 98.33 % too. i hav no idea wat i need 2 do!!
  5. im at 98.33 percent and im goin crazy i want to get most of the achievements before lost and damned.
  6. i cant wait for this, the only issue is that its 1600 points not 1500, dam MS. Though im going to buy the dlc from eb games. just dont want to use my credit card details!!
  7. why doesnt australia hav gta sa on xbox originals? and if we r gettin it, does any1 know wen it will come out??????? thanks
  8. out of all the countries it has come out, no Australia what the hell!!!!
  9. yes did it. i have been trying to do this achievement and the one army achievement for days, and in 30 minutes, did them both. i'm very relieved now.
  10. just did that, and got it. thanx man for the help. i was so bummed that i blocked the achievement. thanx again.
  11. with this achievement i cant do it. its really pissing me off!!!!!!!!! some1 said that you could go to the swing set and you should get the achievement. is this correct???? This is my 2nd topic in like an hour. these are the only problems i have for gta. thanks
  12. im almost finished the game. so cant do that, and i saved it as well. pretty bummed now.
  13. someone said on youtube, for the one man army achievement that you just raise your wanted level up using cheat code. and do it until you have 6 stars, and then you could just hang at your safe house, for five minutes. when i entered the 1st cheat, it said achievement blocked. i know this is stupid, but is there any way to get that achievement, i got the escape from 4 stars wanted level. do i have to start the game again, to get it? thanks
  14. i used a cheat to raise my wanted level, so i was gonna stay in the safe house for 5 minutes, and it says achievement blocked. i was pissed big time, so that means i cant get the achievement at all???
  15. i tried it out. and i get kicked out of the car, and usually die, is that suppose 2 happen?
  16. i think that b means that they left u a car. the inferus i think. go to that location and pick it up.
  17. wat a loseerrr. maaa the meatloaf fuuukkk!!!!!!!!!
  18. hahah o'toole, funny last name.
  19. i like that second picture, very nice, not long till we play this.
  20. how expensive will it cost to rent a helicopter!!!!!!!!!
  21. like that if you get hurt or somethin, you can rest or eat to regain all your health, we r gettin so much info lately
  22. yes it works now, thanx man heaps. im on the website npw, i like the background beat. its guudd
  23. the cover systme is mad, gears of war has one of the best or if so the best cover system in game!!! cant wait
  24. Did you visit the site in the last few days? If so you've probably still got files from the old site in your cache. Try clearing it or using another browser. no i havent, but wen i first went to the website, it worked, then i went to go bak and i had 2 tell my birth and stuff, and then the third trailer came up.
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