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  1. Funkalicious

    Having trouble getting 100%

    I'm not sure what to tell ya brother cuz I don't know everything that you've done. All I can do is point you to another list :/ maybe it'll jump start something for ya: 100% Completion list on gta4onlineguide.com
  2. Funkalicious

    GTA 4 Difficult?

    waaaaaaaaay too easy
  3. Funkalicious

    Fingerless Glove Issue Solved**

    not to be a cynic or anything, but saints row 2 has fingerless gloves :/
  4. Funkalicious


    Some of the girls off of the internet will give you bonuses. One of the girls if you call her will up your health and another will lower your wanted level. This site explains it pretty well: Girlfriends ^gta4onlineguide.com^
  5. I found some great pics for Stevie's vehicles. Has a pic of the vehicle and a zoomed in and zoomed out picture of the map. plus a blurb about the car. pretty cool, i'm very impressed with this site : ) here's the link: Stevie's Vehicles ^gta4onlineguide.com^ Also as a side note this site has the same thing for the flying rats, in case gamesradar wasn't doing it for you. I know I was wishing they had the maps when I tried to use it. Flying Rats