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Resistance 2


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I did a search and couldn't find another topic about it so I figured I'd make one.

Who here has Resistance 2? What are your thoughts on the game and if you have it do you play online?

I bought the game last week and am absolutely addicted. This game is awesome. If you played Fall of Man and enjoyed it, you will love R2. The online has lived up to its hype, it truly is awesome to be running around with 60 people in a deathmatch.

So, for those who do have it and want to get together online, post here with your thoughts of the game and your PSN and I'll edit the OP with the names of us who want to play :)

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I got the collector's edition around two weeks ago. I'm impressed with the series, but I'm extremely pissed that they switched the controls all around. I really liked the controls in "Fall of Man".

Is there a way to switch them around?

I haven't played online yet because I want to beat the campaign first. When I got “Resistance: Fall of Man” I went directly online and it took me forever to get around to beating the campaign. I didn't beat it until after the second one came out...and I had to beat it on easy just so I could get through it faster.

I probably would have beaten it on hard if my system didn’t crap out when it did.

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The campaign was a bit short, but great non the less. The multiplayer is where it is at right now tbh. Running around in a deathmatch with 60 other people is fucking insane. The ending, seems to me like it left it open for another game, or hopefully, games. The control changes don't bother me, to me they seem better for some reason.

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how the fuck did i miss the control changes???

i havent played online yet coz no one else on ym freinds list has the damn game! and i aint playing with strangers, not co-op anyways

yeah if they dont make at least one sequel then insomniac are getting a really nasty letter from me

Uhhh, this is the sequel...

Once I beat the campaign, I'll play with ya. :thumbsup:

...AS SOON AS THIS DAMN UPDATE FINISHES!!! Fucking thing takes forever.

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