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Happy bday chris82 and Lonewolf !


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Wow that's actually pretty sweet. And TGTAP fits so nicely in it too :)

I've always wondered how worthwhile it would be to create an optimised 'lite' version of the site for portable devices, but some of the more modern ones the full site looks fine in. I've seen TGTAP on an iPhone as well and it's actually not too bad. Only device I personally have to see it is my PSP which sucks since it's only 472px wide or something :P

Also thanks for the link to that American Soda site for the UK, never really thought to search for one. Well expensive though. Right now I could go buy 30 cans of Coke for just over £8... But on this site, with shipping, I could only get 6 cans of Mountain Dew for about the same price. I'd have to buy a shit ton of it to make it worthwhile.... tempting though :P

Going wildly offtopic but WTF @ all the names, Mountain Dew flavours include 'Voltage', 'SuperNova', 'Code Red'... how random. I'd just get the normal flavour anyway.

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