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can anybody...thx


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HI!Can anybody make a underground map for san andreas?I mean,does anybody can make undergrond city an underground tunnel, and put it on net?Please!


If somebody accept, I d like to contact and make a deal with him.

my e-mail is [email protected]


Hi. I'm modder, and mapper too!

I can make underground city, but it takes a lot of time!!

Wich city you wish to make?

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Oh, very nice. You learned to make a map.Congratulations! Well, never mind. Forget the underground city. :coolthumbup:

Thank you very much! :thumbsup:

Yeah, Spider-Vice has telled me for map editor, and I've learned. It's easy.

ps: Thanks for what?

He is obviously laughing at you. In another way, he sees it suprising that you are able to create a map.

You are a good map modder!

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