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[WIP] The Grand Theft Auto Quiz


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Note - This is just the menu.

Probably my biggest project ever. The menu still needs more adding to it, including Play/Stop buttons for the music, an instructions button, and a few links too. Yes I know there is no GTA IV. I started work on this a long time ago before it was released, and started working on it again the other day. This will be fixed in the final version.

There are two reasons I'm showing this to you guys. Number one, to get some criticism and some ideas. Number two, because I need some questions for GTA III and GTA IV, because I've never played them before. If you have suggestions though for any game, please feel free to drop me a PM. Don't post question ideas in this topic please. With that out of the way, a few things to note. Every quiz will have fifteen questions, and you'll have three lives. The goal is to pass each quiz without losing all of your lives, and when you complete the quiz, there will be a few links to extras. Lame prize, I know, but I can't ship a trophy with GTA on the top of it can I? :D Also the 'Sponsored by Knight47.com' will be changed to 'In Association With TheGtaPlace.com' in the final version too.

And that's it! Please tell me what you think of it, and if you have any question ideas, preferably for GTA III and IV, please PM me ^^

Edit: I think this is in the wrong section, can a mod move it please if it is ^^

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