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Whats wrong with my skin?/Download Spiderman skin

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I made a pretty crude spiderman skin for gta 3 because there wasnt one yet. It took me an hour and it acually looks good. I went to upload it here but it was 'disapproved'. I just want to know why it was disapproved, what i could do to get it on, and how many people would acually use the skin... ill upload the picture of skin so you can see it. I just uploaded the skin bitmap file... you could just save it to your computer and put it in your skins if you really want it.




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Sorry for the bump, but I think you deserve an answer.

It's not a bad skin for your first attempt, but TGTAP generally tries to accept only high quality skins. That's not to say yours isn't good, it's just not quite "up to scratch" so to speak. Keep up the good work though and keep trying, and it's good to see someone else (other than myself) still playing GTA3. :)

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