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New Gangs Launched!

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Yes, we've launched the new gang system (non-MTA).

You will have noticed pretty quickly that none of you have access to post in your private forums anymore and also that your gang chat topics have been dragged over to the new chat forum. You will now be able to discuss whatever it is that you discuss within those topics. Anything private will need to be discussed via PM or over an instant messaging program such as MSN, AIM, YIM, ICQ (etc) rather than in your private forums.

Please note! When your gang becomes official (more information will be released soon about the next official gang) it's members will be given permission to post within the private forum again. Not to mention each gang will also get a cool new icon that will be placed above their user group, which will no longer read "Members" as it used to. It will now show the gang that you belong to. For example: Group: Earthbound Family (someone should really create a gang with that name, how cool would that be!?).

Enjoy this new system and try to impress! The best gang will go official first and reclaim it's private forum! Or if you are a new gang, you will be given a NEW private forum specifically for your gang and its members, no one else. :)

Notable Links - If all members could read the new rules and requirements, that would be fantastic, and to all new members, if you're interested in getting involved in the gang system, please read the other links as well.

Rules and Requirements

How Do I Join A Gang?

How Do I Create a Gang?

How Does My Gang Become Official?

What Is An Official Gang?

What Is A Gang?

The Origin and History of the Gang System

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