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Post pictures of your favorite games


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Hello everyone, thought It'd be a good time to start my first topic. :)

I searched the forum for a general screenshot thread of everyone favorite games, but I only came up with a CSS thread and various GTA threads in other boards. If there is a one that already covers this, please point in that direction and we'll leave this one for the grim reaper. But until such an occasion, I might as well start of the thread with two pictures of my own!

I'm quite the Crysis fan, so most of my pictures will be of that game. Enjoy, and click the pictures for full size.

walkonthebeachmr1.jpg psychoexecutionpp9.jpg

I pose the character in every shot manually, so I put relatively lot of effort into every shot. Hope you like em!

And don't be shy, chip in with your own shots of whatever game you desire. :)


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