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  1. ok this will sound stupid (REALLY STUPID) buy i need this picture turned around... as if i walked around it... i know im an idiot but i dont know how to .. please help me heres the pic http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http...v%3D2%26hl%3Den DAMN sorry its the car pic the second one (bigger)
  2. So is anyone good at desining a layout for me... i can code it i just need a layout..... if anyone can help i will give you the info on what i need
  3. FamousGTA

    Video Intro Needed

    Well Basically i need a video intro ( like you see on youtube vids ) For my MW2 Clan, Nothing HI Tech just something simple, if anyone can help me id be greatly appriciated, ill suply more info as needed.
  4. ok i need to know how to make a banner with a stickout figure like this one below PLEASE HELP
  5. FamousGTA

    Police Clan- NYPD 95 Precinct

    Sounds Awesome, Once i get my stuff unpacked ill try it out
  6. FamousGTA

    Why is my xbox being an idiot

    Time line explains it all Dec 25th, 2009 - i get my new xbox 360, Works fine Dec 28th, 2009 - i start to get some minor freezes now and then Jan 2nd, 2010 - i get Major Freezes Jan 3rd, 2010 - i get a red ring of death ( 3 quandrants ) Jan 5th, 2010 - i left my xbox for a few days and i try it again, It works Jan 9th, I recive once again another red ring onf death ( same as last time ) Jan 11th, 2010 - i try once more but this time i frezze at the xobx start up screen ( xbox ball rolls in ) Jan 13th, 2010 - My xbox wont turn on now, ive check all wired and everything is plugged in right There you have it, Microsofts cruel joke.. Please note my xbox didnt come to any water damage or falling down Its been taken care of.. WTF HAPPEND >_>
  7. FamousGTA

    My GTA IV Dream

    Ok well idk if im in the right section but i had to share this. Me and my mate were disscussing how SICK it would be if the Platypus ship was boatable, ;o, then we got into how if you drove the ship 2-3 hours Real like time you would end up in Vice city, Then we got more excited and said 4-5 hours san andreas, then we got on live and ask other people, we sat there for an hour talking about this, Do you think this would be an good idea, Seeing alot of people already agree that they would spend countless hours doing that, Reasons we think it would be good - People want to see past games in GTA 4 Graphics - Walking on the ship would be fun, And seeing just plain ocean - Vice city would be so fun, all the cars and airport - They should make it so no one can kill on the boat until docked at a certain island - i think the boat part would just make my day These comments are from people we talked to Please share your ideas with me om what you think about this
  8. FamousGTA

    My GTA IV Dream

    That would make it more fun, what else would u do for 2-3 hours? Well people i talked to were into the realism of it, so just mess around, Maybe do some like raids such as helicopters attacking the boat. then everyone works together.. Just the point of it makes people want it to happen
  9. i got rick rolled over Live @[email protected]

  10. FamousGTA

    Easy Job !

    I got my tex t and i neeed those 4 images blended together at the size i need showing the hotels
  11. FamousGTA

    Easy Job !

    Alright since my PS is just blown and wont work i come to you guys cause i know you guys are pro :l.. well my friend needs a little banner done for his fansite.. Heres what he needs done the granite or blending this w.e. its called with these 4 images ok the hotels parts will be used.... i neeed it this exact size those dots indicate where the hotels will be... so i need it that size with all hotels in it and ea one blends.. i think you get the picture if someone gets this done i will be very happy xD
  12. FamousGTA

    Three Word Story

    and threw money
  13. FamousGTA

    Adobe Products

    Ok so my brother bought me a WHOLE bunch of Adobe produts.. some i dont know of... but i need help.. like what are they used for.. heres the ones that i dont know what there for - InDesign CS4 - Illustrator CS4 - Flash CS4 Professional - Fireworks CS4 - Contribute CS4 - After Effects CS4 - Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - Soundbooth CS4 - Adobe OnLocation CS4 - Encore CS4 - Adobe Bridge CS4 - Adobe Device Central CS4 - Version Cue CS4
  14. FamousGTA

    Adobe Products

    kk Jace xD.... he bought be InDesign , Illistrator, AfterEffects, VersionCue, Fireworks... he gave me Preimire Pro, Encore, he didnt want those.. i own Photoshop 7, Deamweaver and more..... and he makes good money :S
  15. FamousGTA

    GTA 5

    It would be more realistic if you can rob banks for more money.... and the gang scene should be better!.
  16. I just bought it for PC and i want to know if theres any kind of controlers i can use
  17. FamousGTA

    Sig Request

    ok well i dont know if anyone can do this for me ( maybe because some of you are very skilled ), i need a sig like this http://media.photobucket.com/image/night%2...nie/roxbury.gif and i need it .gif so it still moves and some blue neon style letters saying Ice-T3A is someone can do this that would be great ps. my photoshop is messed
  18. FamousGTA

    The Simpsons set to end in 2011

    im a im going to have to agree with chris, simpsons is just not doing it for me, Family guy is just way better ( no offence to simpsons fans ) :/
  19. FamousGTA

    The Goodbye Thread

    I hate when these things happen, my 2 grandpas have passed, but the worst, was my best best friend, shes been my friend since grade 1 all the way to grd 10. we like hung out everyday. We went to the mall 1 day for like 5 hours ( thats what we do really ) and it was fun, that night she went over to her friends house to stay the night and go quading . I got a call at 2am in the morning saying britni was in a bad quading accident and i flipped, i got over to the hospital as soon as i could, she looked so bad, she was in a coma this is hard for me to write. I stayed at the hospital all night then when to school the next morning, i went home i couldnt do anything, that night i went to the hospital to talk to her here parents decided to pull the plug cause she would not come out of it. so after that i threw everything on the ground and fell down and started crying, I miss her so much I miss you britni R.I.P. :'( :'(
  20. FamousGTA

    Am i aloud a new acc ?

    is it okay to make a new acc
  21. FamousGTA

    Am i aloud a new acc ?

    i wouldnt use both i would get Chris to delete this one
  22. FamousGTA

    I need some ones skills

    wow thats perfect thanks