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So today i got an email saying this:

Pending sale notification:

In a few days we plan to offer the domain name GTAVCS.COM for sale.

Because you own the similar domain name GTAVCS.net, we thought you my be interested in acquiring the preferred DotCom version of this domain.

We plan to offer this domain for sale in three days and believe there is likely to be strong interest in this domain name by multiple parties, but since you own a similar version of the domain we wanted to give you the first right of refusal.

If You`re interested in this domain:

Go to the domain reservation page, here, and indicate your interest in this domain by completing the contact form. When the domain is available for sale, you`ll be the first to hear about it.

Again, if you have interest in this domain, you need to RSVP right away at the reservation page located here: http://collinwest.com/buy.php?preorder=1&a...main=GTAVCS.COM

If you have NO interest:

In acquiring the preferred DotCom version of this domain, simply click the "Cancel Notification" link below and we won`t contact you again.

Cancel Notifications: http://collinwest.com/mailer/[email protected]

Very best regards,

Pat Kenedy

[email protected]

tel: 303.997.1703

LeaderByChoice, INc

600 17th Street, Ste 2800 South

Denver, CO 80202-5428

WTF? I dont own GTAVCS.net and never even heard of it.

So why am i posting this here? When i go to the site it redirects to http://www.thegtaplace.com/index.php

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Lol that's so random. Those emails are legit but they charge shitloads for it. If no one buys it, they just let it drop, then you can buy it for a few dollars (normal price) from any domain registrar.

No idea why you got that email though, that should have been sent to me since I own the domain, we have quite a few GTA domains actually but they all redirect to TGTAP... weird though.

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