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ok i want to give every vehicle in VC a new look but i cant find anything i like for vans and "big rigs" or basically any truck at all. so if you guys have any i might like please post here..... anything thats modded and has a few cool features will do!!!

I could do a little bit of texturing, just tell me what you want, and I may be able to do it for the bodies of the cars...... :yup:

I'm a bit restricted of time lately with midterms and solo-fest and everything else going on, but i may be able to get a little bit done this week end or the one after the one after that.... <_<

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i want an ad for the side of the Box on the back

Oh, I see, I'll get on it. Shouldn't take me long. Got an e-mail for me to give it to you with?

Also, more importantly, what company logo, or whatever would you like on the side?

Also, I'm assuming you can, but you'll need to install the TXD yourself, I don't know how topackage VCMs. But if you absolutely need a VCM, I can experiment and hopefully learn how. Doesn't look that hard with only a TXD.

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well im currently haveing difficulties with my email so could you just kindly PM it to me? and i've never installed a TXD but ill experiment my friend.

I don't know how to PM it, want me to just upload it to the site?

Also, I'll try to make a VCM, with just a TXD file it should be fairly simple.

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