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Finish Him Achievement


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I want to get the "Finish Him" Achievement, where you have to perform 10 melee counter attacks, the only problem is I don't remember the keyboard key todo this. I read you have to get someone to attack you then as they try to hit you duck them, and counter them, but I don't remember which key you have to press to duck/counter the attack, can someone here please help me?

I've tried looking in the manual and under the key configuration but it just says the keys for the second attack etc, but not to duck/counter.

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Yeah you have to tap it just right, it takes a few tries.

But that's the challenge, doing it without the police.

My suggestions is go to the Helitours, there's usually at least 5 guys there, and that's all you need as on one guy you can usually perform to counters, making it 10 counters if you have five guys. Thats how I got it and since there's no police generally around the heli tours its a safe place to do it.

EDIT: Just realized, remember that I changed my key config. So you need to have a look what the original key is.

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