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  1. W, kapan kembali ke TGTAP? su lama b son lihat lu :)

  2. Shynkai

    Funnest vehicle

    trash master is fun ! drive it in a high speed, then crash the small car or motorbike...you will see the fun
  3. Shynkai

    Myths and mysteries

    @all what can we exactly do in cult farm ?
  4. Shynkai

    Favorite Thing to do With SA

    I Only like to parachuting and driving at the desert ;D
  5. Shynkai

    Myths and mysteries

    is that pedestrian always spawn on any time ?
  6. Shynkai

    Myths and mysteries

    @snow_flake waa... in that link there was a Suicide Pedestrian...i never heard that before ~_~
  7. Shynkai

    Veichles you wish for in the Next GTA?

    some offroad car and some military vehicle...like tank or half-track
  8. Shynkai

    The GTA IV Show-Off Topic

    ah yes, good idea...subway ^^...thanks for the tips
  9. Shynkai

    Myths and mysteries

    ^ thanks for the map...going to location . btw that house looks like amytiville... so in GTA no myths right ? no UFO , no bigfoot , no leather face, that's just a mod...right !
  10. LOL ! niko is unkillable there !
  11. Shynkai


    man, why dont you try to search first ? here is one of the 100% game completion i found in this site http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=2696
  12. Shynkai

    Worst way you've failed a mission

    No. 1 , a racing mission from Brucie Kibbutz... I dont know if in that race we mustn't do a vandalism to another racer, so before i set my race position in the yellow point, I shot them with a bazooka. You've Sabotage The Race
  13. Shynkai

    Myths and mysteries

    zombotech ? it's a factory , is'nt it ? exactly i dont know where is that, but most people said zombotech doesn't mean zombie, and no zombie in GTA san andreas @warior13 capek juga disini ngomong bahasa bule --
  14. Shynkai

    Hey what's the story

    I red at some article about Niko Bellic in GTA wiki... it said niko is a soldier from Yugoslav wars ? but many people said Niko is Serbian ?