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Viewing Activities Done with Friends?


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We all know that to get 100% you must have taken every friend on every possible activity that they can do at least once. My question is, is there some way to see which activities I have taken them on? Under the Stats I only found the Stat for how often I've done something with them, but not which activity I did with them.

I really don't feel like doing each activity with each Friend again...lol.

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Nope. Yeah it's an absolute pain in the arse but it's the only way you can be sure!

Best thing to have done is to have used a 100% checklist when you first started the game, bit late of me to say now but it saves time in the long run :)

Lol yeah, I've only played through the game once now, and I decided I;d go for 100% already, usually I just play through and have some fun for a while then I start over, and do that. I'll see, guess I got a lot of Friends to see... :(

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