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What do I need to make my room a gaming setup?


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Six G's!? Gimme the money and I could remodel six bedrooms for that!

But if you have the room -- you never gave us dimensions -- I'd skip the LCD crap and go with a projector. I'd keep a small monitor for use but the projectors -a good one- can project a large clear picture. I'd go to my uncle for the audio setup since he owns a music store and recording studio he knows a lot about audio and how to set up a quality sound system. So my advice is to find someone with audio knowledge. For the amount being spent I would have all 3 pop consoles -not the Wii- and a kick-ass PC. PC's always need upgrades, and upgrades get cheaper as time goes by, so I would hold off on anything other than the necessities of what you are currently playing. My taste on OS is Linux and I couldn't even imagine spending much more than 2 thousand on a bedroom makeover. Of course, you are talking to a guy who has a handcrafted coffin as his bed. My bedroom is done in the Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osbourne style.

Good luck, from what I have read about you, your mom is gonna freak.

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