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Saved game problem! i need help!


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i'm sorry if someone ask this before.. but i really can resolve the problem..

so ya.. i downloaded some saved files from here n did waht it said which was replace the GTASAsf1.b with the file i downloaded..

ok when i load the game ..the saved file name did change..but when i load the game.. it starts all over again in the alley..

i've tried at least 10 diff saved files.. and the same thing happens.. n i have no clue why... can anyone help me please?

Ps. i'm playing San Andreas

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were abouts do i put the save file or do i have to started one ??

In My documents, there is a GTASanAndreasUserfiles folder.. when you open it you will see saved files. GTASAsf1.b 2,3,4,5,6,7 up to GTASAsf8.b

if you have filled all your save slots.. Make a backup of your originals and or the entire GTASanAndreasUserfiles folder.. Then place the ones you downloaded in the My Documents, GTASanAndreasUserfiles folder. Do not make the mistake of placing them in your backup folder..

Like previous poster said, if you have V2 and the downloaded save game file is from V1 these saved files will not work. Check the GTA mods sites and see if anyone has uploaded V2 save file.

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