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  1. the_real

    Favourite Place in SA

    i love flying in the dessert it just seems a bit of a challenge to me but yeah if i get a bike i mostly go to los santos
  2. the_real


    DLC is download content its mainly used for consols and i think they call it a patch on pc but not sure if its the samething :/ but they might listen if you send loads of emails of the same request...
  3. the_real

    GTA London

    i would love to seee them remake the GTA London but i dont think it will happen cause it isnt as famouse as all the other GTA's
  4. the_real


    thanks man they are great ill see if i need anything else
  5. the_real

    building a computer

    thanks for that and yeah i will think about my budget in a minute and i will respond soo to you
  6. the_real


    yeah sure have a differrent feel and if you could try and relate it that would be good, but i dont really mind
  7. the_real

    TGTAP Experts

    i think people should just vote on who has been the most help full in a certain topic and also have like a person for beginers so they know were to make a topic and find stuff
  8. the_real

    building a computer

    i need some advice of what to get: i wanna build a computer from scratch and i already got a case soo i just need everything else but i would like to have some good stuff but also cheep if you could help that would be much appriciated
  9. the_real

    Yet another topic by someone who needs help

    have you tried to google it? i helps a bit but tbh i dont really know :/ sorry
  10. the_real

    Can GTA London 1969 work with the free download GTA1?

    i would like to get it for free but i think it wont happen :/
  11. the_real


    i would like 4 that say : PS3 owner Kingdom hearts player GTA player MGS player with this in the background:
  12. the_real


    could you make a banner thing if thats possible
  13. the_real


    thanks and good one ill see if i need sommit else
  14. the_real

    Plz Help loading isnt working

    err i dunno but try upgrading your computer components i hoped it helped a bit
  15. the_real


    yeah sure and sorry about the late reply and btw could you do me and avatar to match if its not too much