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Evo's request thread.


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I've been working with photoshop and few other programs for quiet some time now, Its about time I guess that I can handle requests and would say I have about moderate skill. Also I have a ton of free time so I thought why not. My stuff is not limited to Avatars and sigs, I'm familiar with simple animation go too, so go ahead request whatever you want related to graphics and I'll try and help out.

Try to add in as much detail as you can while requesting something, I may not be able to incorporate everything but will edit/change or re-do the request as long as it seems reasonable to me.

I'm not charging anything for the the services provided, credit me for my work by putting in a nice simple line somewhere in the your sig. :)


Some of my previous creations.








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Really dude looks a lot good. Keep Up the good work ! :yup:

I wanted to just test your skills so will you mind if i will not use it ?

Lol but actually good work you have there. Good use of c4d's(i think only we both use c4d's in here right ?).Perfect Blending and good effect on text.

Good job dude ! :P

Now i feel like reopening my shop.What you say ? ^_^

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Works fine with me Alvas and Thanks :)

@Toxic: C4D are 3d images created in cinema 4D. This is an example one.


It can be blurred,blended,resized,etc to whatever fits best. Like I have used around the gun in Alvas's request. I can pm you some good tuts if you want toam filiarize yourself with it.

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