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half invisible bike?


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okkkk so heres the deal


and a private skin some1 made me for stunts


i see at movies that some bikes are half invisible

some ppl said to me "open TXD WORKSHOP export as PNG/BMP and then open it in photoshop.. make 50 opacity and save it.."

1.if i try to import BMP pictures to the TXDWORKSHOP after i finish it gives me an error "STREAM READ ERROR"

and if i try to put a PNG it is ok but when i go to the game its looks just more brighter and NOT HALF INVISIBLE!

2. some1 said to me "open TXD WORKSHOP then chose "alpha/mask" then export it as BMP not PNG(hells no why.. i tried both but both failed!!) and open in photoshop.. mark everything and then right click and fill.. then chose color and then make it grey.. import back and thats it"

also didnt work!! with PNG it just makes my bike all white JUST WHITE and with BMP same error when i try to import it...


how the hell am i doing a half invisible bike?!?!!?!?!?!?!? TY :]

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TXD files consist of two textures. The first is the RGB (red, green, blue) channel, this holds a fully opaque texture and is where the patterns or decals or whatever are stored. The second is an alpha (transparency) channel, this basically relies on greyscale, with white representing fully visible, and black representing invisible, and grey in between.

RGB Example:


Alpha Example:


Merged Example (where checkerboard background represents invisibility):


You can either use a Bitmap for each of these channels, or use a PNG (which is very similar to a BMP only with a transparency channel). When you import the PNG it cleverly splits up the image into the RGB colour bitmap and the Alpha transparency bitmap.

If you're getting an error from Photoshops export of the alpha channel, try exporting the alpha channel from TXD Workshop then loading it in MSPaint. I'd imagine the texture is just pure white? In which case you only need use the paint bucket to fill it grey, then save and import back into TXD Workshop.

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