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New Sig !


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That's a pretty decent tag there, The blending between the c4d and design thing there is a bit off towards the right, And like Tm said the text is messed up.

@Tm: I think Tox meant this

Ok whatever you say TM I always like to keep the text small. Ok because you are telling my later works I will try to make the text larger.I Cant do it in this because I didn't save the .psd. And yes I am really mad !

Come on guys please vote !

Thanks TM !

Yeah I tried to play with the blending options but IMO it didnt turn out so well now i cant do anything because you know like always the psd's gone to hell !

Cant do it right now since he psd has been deleted by me !
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Ok I tried a totally new style. And whoah it turned to be good for me.

Shit i deleted the .psd so i cant edit it lol... :P

Any suggestions,comments,etc. post here.... :D

Bold: That's why recycling bins come in handy. :thumbsup:

Overall it seems like a pretty nice sig. Are you going to make a matching avatar?

What exactly did you do to make the sig? Did you edit the original picture at all besides resizing?

Edited by Harwood Butcher
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@TOXIC: Lol I didn't save it i forgot :P

@TM: Yeah the text is a bit shitty i know but it matches the style at least a bit then thats good. :D

@Evoz: Lol what ? what did you mean by THE C4D IS TOWARDS THE RIGHT....... :P

@Harwood: I used a c4d,an image,some brushing,some smudging,blurring,sharpening,adjustment layers,etc.

thanks for comments guys. Glad that my work on a new style turned out good lol :D

Edited by Eazy.
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