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Grand Theft Auto IV BETA

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Notice that there are no suspensions on the bridge. In the back.

The Police Cars don't have the word entield LCPD

Notice that Bellic has baggy clothes instead of tight Sherman like clothes.

Sadly, the MP5 never made it in the final version.

The subway trains had graffiti on them in the beta.

This character is never seen in the game, and the arcade game " Space Monkeys " from San Andreas has been removed.

The word Resturant is spelled wrong. And the word Sell has been removed.

These stores behid Niko where never in the game.

Nilo's cell phone has a silver finish. And a Beta version of the Turismo.

Niko's tie is gold. Which is never seen in game.

The mirror's on the door aren't pix elated.

The AK-47 is bold black. But in the final version it is chrome.

These clothes are also not in the game.

The water is fully blue.

Someone in R* was dicking around and made us think its a mission.

Is this Niko?

If you look close this IS a silenced pistol.

Roman is not seen wearing theese clothes.

Here's Niko killing someone, the weapon looks like a .45 which was removed from the game sadly.

The weapon icons are Blue? And there is full armor covering the map. In TGTAP's exclusive.

This character is never seen in the game.

Eddie Low!

Never seen in game. I think this was planned.

Clothing not seen in game.


Trailer 1:

At the end of the trailer, you'll see the Platypus with spinning antenna's, and beside the platypus at the right side of the screen you'll see two men with planks.

At the ferry scene there's a ferry. But in the original there isn't one.

You'll see a few female cops in the x5 fast scene.

Trailer 2:

At the part when the police start chasing the Blue Stallion, you'll noticed that the Russian shop is actually changed to " Binco ".

The annihilator has a different paint job.

At the very end of the trailer, that voice is never heard in the final version of the game.

You'll see Badman attacking Niko before it goes to a scene when some man is being hanging of the Maverick. If you look closely Badman is not wearing his hat.


You'll see that Johnny Klebitz is standing in the row of people in that scene in the beginning.

Niko Bellic is the one shooting the: M4 , Micro SMG , and Rocket Launcher.


In the beginning you'll see Jeremy walking down the stairs off the airplane, if you look closely you'll see bullet holes.


The song that is playing in the trailer is the only song played on any trailers of GTA IV that is never featured in the game.


Yeah, yeah... Black Taxi.

If you keep replaying the end of the trailer over and over, you'll notice that Vlad is shooting an AK-47 at the end. Which is not scene in the game.

If you keep replaying the trailer over and over, you'll see that Vlad is punching the Russian men, you'll see walking the streets of Broker.


You'll see Derrick McReary shooting an AK-47 which is odd behavior, you'll never see him shoot an AK in a cutscene.

I hope you've enjoyed the findings it took me all day to find!

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