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car list problem!


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Why was TOXIC reported for that post? His question was perfectly valid. To answer your question, we would need to

know which game you're playing. The lists & locations of the lists are completely different.

You need to work on spelling, there is no "GTA VS". It's either "Vice City" where you play Tommy Vercetti or

"Vice City Stories" where you play Vic Vance.

Since you're playing PC I'll presume you're playing VC (PC VCS is probably illegal copy). Buy the car dealer between

Little Havana & the airport. Go behind the the building & down in the pit, you'll find the lists & pick up for VC races by

the East garage door..

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:bashhead: I have problem lith the car list to colect these cars from the list are from gta vcs not from gta vc.Can you help me ,please?

So wait, are you looking for the list in Vice City or Vice City Stories?

The list in Vice City (VC) can be found down the pit behind Sunshine Auto's which is located between Little Havana and the airport like Urbanoutlaw said in his post.

If I remember, I think the car list in Vice City Stories (VCS) is in Viceport near the Pay 'N' Spray across the street somewhere. I think there was a gate that opens up, Its where 8-ball's bomb shop was in Vice City but I'm not 100% sure.

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