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GTA Vice City Stories problem


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I have a little problem in gta vice city stories and it`s a littlebit annoying

When i searched for my gangmembers all around vice city and all my businesses , I couldent find any of them .

Inside there are only employees with the blue arrows on top of them.

I have just passed : High Wire , mission and platform is PSP . Gangmembers aren even driving their Admirals in front of

my businesses.

So whats the problem , does anybody know ?

Or do you have to pass all missions first ? :erm:

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And so we come onto one portion of the city. The West Side of Vice City, also

known as the Mainland, serves as the gateway to tourists and the homes of dock

workers, the 9-to-5 types and the Latino immigrants.

Downtown is renowned for big business, with high rise buildings and the Hyman

Memorial Stadium, hosting the biggest venues for the biggest pop stars of the

time. It is mainly controlled by the Biker Gang, who reside in the lesser

built-up parts of the district. And ironically, and rather jokingly by

Rockstar, it sits in the north.

Continue south and you enter Little Haiti, home of the Cholos Gang. The area

is rundown, filled with small business, and buzzing with a strongly-rooted

Caribbean community. Continue further south and you find Little Havana. Here,

Umberto Robina calls home to his Cuban gang. It is less rundown (and a lot

more jazzy) than Little Haiti, but is still lined with more small businesses.

The residents here are mainly Latino.

To the west of Little Havana is Starfish Island, a small but glamorous portion

of the city. It is all mansions – the biggest one being the home of Vice

City’s most prolific drug baron, Ricardo Diaz. Otherwise, it is a place where

the rich and the successful reside.

Southwest of Starfish Island is Viceport. It is where import and export takes

place – therefore, it can be regarded as important to some criminals. It also

gives half of its land to the city’s Impound Yard. It is a neutral area, with

little gangs; however, it is the root to some gang violence, especially when

it involves drugs.

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