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Is GTA IV really that bad??? I've never played it before and my computer can't support it so, I have no idea.

Looks interesting though ^_^

My cousin has GTA IV on his Xbox 360 and I can tell you this much. Your guys can get stuck so easy, driving sucks, the land mass is small. Yes I know it is supposed to be just Liberty City again but once you experience a vast landscape like SA how couldn't you expect more? Their are people who will tell you that we should compare SA and IV because they are so different. IMO the only reason they release this and many games to PC is to sell high end graphics cards. Even SA starts up with Nvidia "the ONLY way to play".

But I am lost how is this modding? :erm:

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Well the PC version is already getting the mod treatment, as for personal knowledge I don't know - only heard of others that have. I have it on the PS3, and it looks graphicly bueatiful. The cars, peds, and enviroment all look smooth, the draw distance is good and lighting/textures is much improved over the last to installments.

As Toon mentioned - its small. There very little to do, after the game is beaten, only a helicopter to fly. Let me stop cause I could get very upset. I'll just close with RSN let us all down, put a lot of makeup and a dress on a dude and called it a model (figuratively speeking).

This might be more fun to mod than to reply so much, cause even the online is lame and will get get old fast.


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