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  1. Greensabre13.

    Top 10 Most Played.

    Just curious on everybody's top 10 most played songs on their iTunes or whatever program you use. Could also be yet another way of finding out what everyone listens to? I guess you guys can just write the song title and the artist, and the play count if you want. Keep in mind that everyone has their own tastes in music; please keep any insults/criticism to yourself. I'll post my top 10: 1. Follow The Water - Architects 2. Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin 3. On The Brightside - Nevershoutnever! 4. Zeal - Confide 5. Sassafras - The Devil Wears Prada 6. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - Underoath 7. Flux - Bloc Party 8. White Sky - Vampire Weekend 9. Amazing Because It Is - The Almost 10. Godspeed - Anberlin Feel free to discuss songs amongst each other, but don't get too off-topic
  2. Greensabre13.

    Any ideas?

    Has anybody got any ideas for a new mod that I can do? I'm mostly orientated towards textures for VC and SA, so any ideas are muchly appreciated.
  3. Greensabre13.

    What are you listening to right now?

    A Toast To The Future Kids! - Emarosa
  4. Greensabre13.

    New sig, anyone up for it?

    No worries Ivan, I'm glad you like it!
  5. On a side note, I believe there's a site solely dedicated to GTA savegames, so you could try that out. I'd post the link here, but I can't remember what it is. When in doubt, Google it.
  6. Greensabre13.

    New sig, anyone up for it?

    Oh, right haha. Yeah, that's fine, I wasn't sure whether you meant her or not!
  7. Greensabre13.

    New sig, anyone up for it?

    I assume that was the character you meant?
  8. Greensabre13.

    New sig, anyone up for it?

    I hope you like it!
  9. Greensabre13.

    Porn virus holds gamers to ransom

    Seriously Steam, you find the weirdest shit on the internet.
  10. Greensabre13.

    Wii Fit injury made her a sex addict.

    Hahaha this is weird. Where's this nerve that causes this syndrome? I thought "persistent sexual arousal syndrome" was just another term for being a teenage male virgin.
  11. Greensabre13.

    Whatever Happened to Mercades?

    I know Cortez calls after killing Sonny saying he's heard rumors that Mercedes is going to become a lawyer or something along those lines. But apart from that, I don't think you really hear anything about what happened to her.
  12. Greensabre13.

    Did you drive a train?

    Screw trains. I ride kangaroos.
  13. Greensabre13.

    The Swedish Furniture Name Generator

    My name was GREENSJĂ…BRE13 and I appear to be a chest of drawers.
  14. Greensabre13.

    Is oral sex 'safe'?

    OH, you guys.
  15. Greensabre13.

    Is oral sex 'safe'?

    Source: ninemsn.com.au
  16. Greensabre13.

    Claude talks in GTA3 beta trailer

    Why would they want that? That'd be weird, you wouldn't know who was talking in the cutscenes for Sal's missions.
  17. Greensabre13.

    GTA back in the andreas

    Well, to be honest I just read through the whole thing looking for wrong bits. But yeah, I thought something was up with the weapon descriptions that's all.
  18. Greensabre13.

    GTA back in the andreas

    1. Mark Simmons' description sounds exactly like OG Loc's in-game characteristics. 2. Washington Beach is in Vice City. I have my doubts that this wasn't self-written.
  19. Greensabre13.

    New Weapons Help?

    Realistic weapons, you mean?
  20. Greensabre13.

    New Weapons Help?

    If you want to put new weapons into the game without replacing any old ones, you'd have to edit a few different files to actually access them in the game. Unless you have patience, I'd recommend replacing old ones, unless someone on the forums knows how to do this.
  21. Greensabre13.

    First EFLC PC Screenshots

    It's all looking pretty good to me!
  22. Greensabre13.

    A Request Plz

    To be perfectly honest, I thought Alvas' work was alright. The Old English font does spoil it a bit, but whatever.
  23. Greensabre13.

    Gta San Andreas Launch Problems

    The savegames have to be the same version as your installation, so only v.1 savegames will work with your game.
  24. Greensabre13.

    Is oral sex 'safe'?

    I just decided to show my girlfriend the article next time I see her and see what she says.