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I am sick of it!


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You checked the downloads section here?

There's a bunch of different trainers and tools for GTA IV. I don't know how and if the work because I don't play it on my PC, but you could try them out.



Have fun and enjoy

Thanks for that, but unfortunatly I have looked in there, Ughh so ennoying to mod 1 game lmfao, gf R*

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Ok I have tried 4 times to get a mod working, I have looked at and tried 3 different file editing tutorials

PLEASE link me for a magic IV for v1.3.0 ! And if possible a trainer that has god mode and a basic car spawner..


You don't need magicIV for 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 patch.

The best trainer ever released is this one (I can't find it in this site). For this you need also this. And if you don't already have you need also xliveless or an asi loader.

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